amo amare.
"don't be afraid of love"'

one day this dove will fly, and find a place to rest.

do not tell your daughter
that she is worthless —
she’s heard it come enough times
from the lips of strangers 
that criticize the way she walks,
swaying the hips you gave her. 

do not tell your daughter
that she is dirty —
for she was marked 
with stains made by hands
that touched her
without her consent.

do not tell your daughter
that she’s not good enough —
she knows damn well
the girls magazines praise
and wishes she were more like them
even if they don’t exist themselves.

do tell your daughter
she is beautiful.
and wipe the mascara that stains her cheeks
when he tells her he no longer loves her.

tell her that she is more than good enough
to brush herself off and continue walking
because she’s worth more 
than the chime her hips make when she walks.


Thanks for posting this lovely xo Lang 
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There are roads etched on my skin
Of the places you will go to
Marked with people that will love you,
When you venture far from me.

Roads that grew with passing day breaks
Speaking of the new horizons
That would stretch themselves before you
When you took your first true breath

I have this road map waiting
For your eyes to recognize it
When you place your hands upon me
And witness your first true home

Bluegill, Jayne Anne Phillips (via damnnearhysteria)

your name became a prayer
whispered on my lips
when darkness came and washed over
the once brightly lit horizon.
when fears made themselves at home
inside this crevice of muscle and bone

— Nicole Blackman, “You Are Never Ready” (via beautyisanillusion)
— Sarah Kay & Phil Kaye (via likeafieldmouse)